Gallery and testimonials

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“creative ideas and hands-on approach”

Your help has been very welcomed and it was so pleasant to work with you Lucie!!! I love your creative ideas and hands-on approach!

R. from Amstelveen


It was a truly lovely journey making space with Lucie. Over a period of two months, we completely re-organized the entire home. We got rid of lots of things/papers / clothes/junk that no longer served and created new spaces for important items/hobbies.

Lucie is great at gathering input from other household members to bring sensitive topics in a positive constructive manner. She also really took the time to understand how I function best, how I work best so that we could adapt our work and the house accordingly.

I am proud of how my home is organized, and that I now have more space for music and movement! Highly recommended for anyone who would like to adapt their space to their needs in a fun, efficient way!

E. from Amsterdam

“it didn’t feel like I was being rushed to just get rid of things.”

Lucie is extremely talented in organizing and decluttering, she had a really gentle way of handling all of our things which never felt intrusive. I was very amazed at how focused she was on the task at hand, and yet it didn’t feel like I was being rushed to just get rid of things.

I cannot recommend Lucie enough! She didn’t just declutter and organize our attic, she definitely has done a lot more than that. I feel so much lighter inside, and going up to our attic now makes me so happy and I am just so grateful I have found her!

K. from Haarlem

“It feels so much better to live in a more organized space”

Lucy helped me to reorganize a big part of our apartment. We worked on it an entire weekend and made huge progress. Lucy is hands-on and very efficient. Her help was fantastic!

She sees things I didn’t see and finds solutions I wasn’t able to find. We’ve been able to organize things better, finding a ‘home’ for everything, and declutter.

It feels so much better to live in a more organized space and I noticed immediately that I was able to find things straight away, instead of looking for it. I would definitely ask her help again if it’s needed!

M. from Amsterdam


Lucie delivers exceptional service with a smile. She made moving back into our home after a house fire less chaotic. With her help, we were able to both declutter and organize our space as we went along.

Now that we spend more time than ever in our flat thanks to COVID it’s a joy to have organizational systems tailored to our way of living and habits. I can’t imagine ever doing a move again without Lucie’s help!

L.+N. from Amsterdam

“we can just enjoy our time!”

Your help has really changed our lives. I know that sounds dramatic but instead of spending all weekend thinking about tidying, tidying, or feeling guilty for not tidying! Because we are on top of it all, we can just enjoy our time!

C. from Haarlem