rates For on-site projects

Your project will be charged per session. Most commonly, we work at the pace of one session per week. The number of sessions will be agreed upon in your consultation.

 One session with Your SPACE by Lucie takes around 6hrs on average. However, that differs depending on the pace of the client and the complexity of the project. I may stay in your house anywhere between 6-8hrs including all breaks. The specific times are always agreed upon individually to fit your daily schedule. 

The project payment is made upon finishing; however, a project deposit of 1/4 of the project price is to be paid to secure your booking. All details and exceptions are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions below.

1 session250€
2 sessions 480€
3 sessions690€
4 sessions880€
5 sessions1050€
6 sessions1 200€
projects over 6 sessions200€ / session
*1/2 sessions140€

* A half-session takes between 3-4hrs in total and is offered only in cases where full sessions are not possible, or not needed.

These are your final prices. There are no tax surcharges.

rates for EXTRA work

Some projects might need more extensive work, such as research, shopping, handiwork, or virtual coaching. Any of these services are only added upon personal agreement.

Background work (extended research, orders, or shopping)€25/hr
Video sessions (1hr call + full email support)€35/sess.
Handywork (for tailored storage solutions)€40/hr
These are your final prices. There are no tax surcharges.
Discounts and referral rewards for my organizing service

As a future returning customer, there are discounts for your future projects. We also provide generous rewards for your referral efforts.

For detailed information, please read the Terms and Conditions of my service.