Christmas Voucher – big package

850 incl. VAT

A voucher for four full-day sessions with a professional organizer to attain peace of mind in a month.



The big package is for a deeper, full-house organization.
We will work over the course of one month in 4 separate full-day sessions.
We will have enough time to go into the proper decluttering process and organize the main areas of the house.
We provide our clients with all the tools and tips for maintenance and any future organization.  Holding them accountable throughout the whole process and providing assistance when needed.

The result will be long-lasting peace of mind.

  • an introductory call
  • 4 full days (4x 7hrs) of working with a professional organizer
  • A video follow-up session
  • online support throughout the whole month

The voucher will be delivered in an envelope in your name before the 21st of December (any purchase made after the 21st will be delivered electronically only). The voucher itself will be personalized to the receiver of the gift.

The validity of the voucher is one year, redeemable anytime within that period.  You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your order before the 31st of January with no cancellation fees.

To understand all the details of the process, watch the 6 step process on how to redeem your voucher.
Should you need any further clarification, or help with choosing your package, contact me, or set up a virtual meeting.