Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Do I have to be present while you work at my house?
    Predominantly yes. The majority of the work is done together with a client. That way, we ensure, that we’re moving in the right direction suitable for your needs and wishes. Of course, there can be exemptions where we work independently for a while if having enough information from the client. For example for storage solutions, or unpacking and organizing after relocation, we can do most of the work. For decluttering and optimizing the space to your particular needs, it is crucial that you work with us in collaboration.

  2. What happens during the sessions?
    We will assess your needs, your stuff, space, and habits to develop an organizational system that works for you. Then we do everything to accomplish that vision: decluttering, organizing, discussing habits, planning, adjusting or assembling furniture, disposing of donations, etc. Our sessions are a combination of physical hands-on work and strategical planning and conversations.

  3. How long are the sessions?
    Our standard session is 6hrs of work. We start off with 3hrs and then have downtime to give you the chance to integrate, recharge, and catch up with any urgent matters. Then we continue for another 3hrs. Approach it as a full day of work.
    For the occasional half sessions, we do only half of the time.

  4. Do we take breaks?
    Absolutely! We care for efficiency, so if I see we’re running low on physical or mental energy, we take short breaks to recharge, integrate, eat, or catch up with urgent matters.

  5. What if my kids are at home?
    That’s fine! Just be mindful of the time and focus they might take away from the project. We advise getting help from a partner, family, or professional, so you can get the most out of your sessions. Of course, taking short breaks is absolutely fine to give your kids some love and care. We will work around it.

  6. I have pets. Is that a problem?
    All pets are fine, and there are no allergies amongst the Your SPACE team. If you need to take your pet on a walk, there will be a space to do so during the session day.
    If your pet is aggressive or potentially harmful, we take a right to leave the session.

  7. What do I need to prepare?
    Approach the session as a full day of work. Good sleep and nutrition help, as well as making sure that you don’t plan any important meetings on the day. Decluttering and facing your overwhelm is usually more taxing than one imagines.
    We are sending our a PDF to prepare you for the session both mentally and physically. If there’s anything else you will need for your particular project, we will communicate that.

  8. I feel embarrassed for my mess and want to clean before you come
    That is a very natural and understandable reaction. However, we are coming to help you not to judge you. You are not alone if you are facing overwhelm and shame about your clutter, or chaos. We handle your situation with care, understanding, and privacy.

  9. Will you take photos of my house?
    We may take photos during the sessions for practical reasons connected with executing the project, as well as our favorite “before and after” pictures! We like to share those photos with you to see your own progress.

    Some of the photos can also serve as helpful marketing material, and we would like to post them online. If we share anything from your home online, we make sure to disguise all identities and maintain full anonymity. If you’re uncomfortable having any photos published on our sites, let us know. We will fully respect your wish.

  10. Will you throw my stuff away?
    We never discard your things without your permission. We will also never force you to get rid of stuff. We are here to help you ask the right questions, offer insights about the potential roots of your clutter, and teach you how to let go if you find that difficult. All decision-making is done by you, and we make sure we clearly separate what is the “keep” and the “let go” pile to prevent any accidents.

  11. What happens with the stuff we declutter?
    We care for the environment and circularity, so we are hard at work to find the best possible places to resell, reuse, or recycle your things.

  12. Will you clean my house?
    Professional organizers are not cleaners, however, organizing is often a great opportunity to dust off. We don’t mind helping you with that if that’s the best use of our time. It’s all about working together in the most efficient way and towards our goal.

  13. Can you shop for stuff?
    Yes. If you need specific products or furniture for your project and don’t have the time to outsource it, we can do that for you, from research to purchase. The time spend on research and shopping (both online and in-person) is billed as “off-site work” and added to your final invoice.
    When shopping for clients, we adhere to their budget and aesthetic preferences, as well as the practicality we are searching for.

  14. How do I know my house stays organized after you leave?
    There’s no guarantee, that things will stay exactly the same forever, especially if you suffer from chronic or long-term disorganization. However, decluttering is a very self-confronting process that sheds a lot of light on the root of the problem, not just the solution.
    We always get back in touch with our clients to hold them accountable and check on their progress and maintenance of their hard work.

  15. I need to cancel/reschedule our session.
    We try to be as flexible as possible, especially in COVID19 times. However, we ask you to be respectful of our time and schedule and reschedule only if absolutely necessary, and with enough time in advance. Rescheduling within 48hr notice carries a last-minute cancellation fee (Refer to the cancelation policy in our Terms and Conditions.)

  16. Do you have COVID19 precautions in place?
    We are fully vaccinated and work with caution. Depending on the official advice, we adjust our behavior accordingly (such as mask-wearing, distancing, hygiene precautions, etc.)
    Both our clients and we are monitoring our health, and rescheduling our sessions in case of COVID19 symptoms (penalty-free).

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