About Your SPACE by Lucie

We are professional home organizers based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We help you reclaim precious space in your homes or businesses, create organizational systems that are time-saving and easy to maintain, and bring harmony to your environment so it energizes and nourishes all members of your household.

To achieve your project goals, we provide diverse ideas, mental and emotional support, hands-on help, and any research and logistics needed. Our approach is educational and designed to empower you to keep your space tidy and organized.

We pride ourselves in our non-judgmental and compassionate attitude, taking you from wherever you are to wherever you wish to be. However bad or ashamed you feel, there’s always a starting point.

Our Goals for You

  • Create an organized, clutter-free, and welcoming home that you are proud of
  • Understand where your clutter came from and know how to prevent it
  • Learn how to keep your home tidy and organized for a long time
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm & gain mental peace and relaxation in your own home
  • Win back the time you spent tidying up and enjoy doing meaningful things
  • Gain a sense of control and confidence over your own household!

Our work method

1. Prepare

  • We help you think ahead of all the important elements your project requires so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the size of it, and have sufficient motivation, energy, and momentum to accomplish all your goals
  • We prepare you for the mental and emotional aspects involved in decluttering and house organization so you don’t get stuck or discouraged halfway through your efforts
  •  We help you address the roles of other household members so you avoid little arguments and ensure your house stays organized with the contribution of others 

2. Reclaim Space

  • We create a plan of action for decluttering and disposal so your brain can make only the important decisions without getting too tired or too overwhelmed by planning
  • We support you through the emotions of letting go with respect and understanding, offering honest feedback so you can finally let go of the items you were holding onto for years
  • Based on our decluttering time, we discuss and help you understand the roots of clutter in your life, so you can prevent re-cluttering in the future

3. Organize

  • We teach you how to organize your space based on the people who use it and their habits, so organizing becomes easy and intuitive for everyone, saving you time and energy
  • We advise storage solutions made for your home, so you can maximize your space, and  have more functional and practical storage
  • We help you organize your stuff so you have a space for everything and it is easy to access it, clean it, and maintain it 

4. Maintain

  • We check that your home organization is practical, spacious, and personalized to ensure it takes you a minimum effort and time to maintain it
  • At the end of the project, you receive ‘Your Home Manual’ document, that lists the strategies for organization maintenance and clutter prevention so you can enjoy your space for a long time

Your SPACE by Lucie team

“Our values are curiosity, creativity, and reliability.
Our approach is non-judgemental and compassionate support.”

I am Lucie, a professional organizer, Chronic Disorganization Specialist® , certified Virtual Organizing Professional, and a founder of Your SPACE by Lucie.

When it comes to clutter, I’m known to get excited about situations that most people consider overwhelming, and I love to cheer them through their space-reclaiming process.

After years of being interested in holistic well-being, I’ve observed the dialogue between our mind, body, and environment and concluded that we need to address all those levels to trigger a positive change.

Establishing Your SPACE has allowed me to help others regain control over their lives.

In 2020, I became a subscriber to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization – an organization that provides education and training to those working with the population affected by chronic disorganization. 

In 2023, I earned the Chronic Disorganization Specialist® certificate after further studies and years of experience helping clients with executive functioning challenges (AD(H)D, bipolar, autism, OCD, TBI, addictions, anxiety, depression).

Furthermore, I jumped into helping people worldwide by bringing my organizational insights into an online space.
In November 2023, I became a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional® after completing an intensive course from the industry leader Sheila Delson.

My name is Christina, and after being a physical therapist in my home country, Germany, for 15 years, I jumped into decluttering and organizing.

As a kid, I loved tidying up – I would even volunteer to do my sisters’ rooms. Before going to bed at night, I ensured everything in my room was where it belonged because it gave me a sense of calmness.

Later in life, when I helped family members or friends move or when moving, I realized that I enjoyed finding ways to optimize spaces and find storage solutions for all the belongings. I love getting creative in making a home calm, cozy, and trendy.

When moving to the Netherlands, I decided to follow my passion and combine it with the joy of helping others along their journey.  In 2021, I joined Lucie and Your SPACE, and I have been organizing professionally ever since.

The liberating feeling of decluttering and the peace of mind that comes with organized surroundings is what I love to share with you.

What is ‘professional organizing’?

If you never heard of a “professional organizer”, you’re probably not alone.
Our industry is the relatively new answer to the dilemma of modern Western society: The overabundance of stuff, choices, commitments, and the issue of “not enough time to do it all.”

We recognize the benefits of more simple and conscious living, where we act upon choices instead of impulses.

We help people let go of stuff that doesn’t serve them so the things they love can stand out and inspire.

We know that a cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind (or vice versa), and we are determined to create more space for our clients: in their homes, their heads, and their lives.

Your SPACE by Lucie interviewed

To get the best taste of our work, our values, and our approach, watch the below interviews.

1 – SHIFT WITH SHUBRA podcast episode on befriending Your Space

2- In- person interview with Yo Samdy Sam and my approach to work with the neurodivergent clients

The benefits of organized space

  • No more looking for misplaced stuff
  • Faster and easier to clean up
  • Relaxing and loving environment
  • Hosting visitors without the need to hide your clutter
  • More time for yourself and with your loved ones
  • More efficient and productive living
  • Enough space to welcome new things in life
  • Sense of self-accomplishment
  • and much more…

Why hire a professional?

  • Have a proper plan and structure for your project
  • It’s faster and more efficient
  • It significantly saves your energy and time
  • Have someone to hold you accountable and pull you through till the end
  • Receive educated and experienced advice
  • Learn about clutter prevention for the future
  • Have an objective look at your possessions and your behavior without judgment
  • Receive honest feedback
  • Have someone check on your energy levels and emotional state
  • Share stories and problems with a professional who doesn’t judge you
  • We make decluttering and organizing FUN and EASY!
the benefits of hiring a professional organizer