Have you experienced the magic of organizing yet?

Welcome to Your SPACE by Lucie – the professional organizers in Amsterdam and surroundings.

Our mission is to bring awareness to how your environment directly impacts your life, and how optimizing it can help you gain more efficiency, productivity, clarity of mind, and overall wellbeing.

We help our clients to achieve a more organized life, lessen their stress levels, and create more space and time for what really matters.

We pride ourselves on having a personalized approach – figuring out each client’s needs and habits instead of following one rigid system. We work with a diverse clientele from Marie Kondo lovers to the neurodiverse and chronically disorganized community.

No judgment and compassionate support are our core values. In that way, we can kindly assist you to from wherever you are to wherever you wish to be.

Are you ready to get more organized and regain more control in your life?

Professional Organizing

Who are professional organizers?

If you never heard of a “professional organizer”, you’re probably not alone.
Our industry is relatively new, and frankly, we are here to help with first-world problems.
The overabundance of stuff, choices, commitments, and the issue of “not-enough-time-to-do-it-all”.

We recognize the benefits of more simple and conscious living, where we act upon choices instead of impulses.

We help people to let go of stuff that doesn’t serve them, so the things that they love can really stand out and inspire.

We know, that cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind (or vice versa), and are determined to create more space for our clients: in their homes, their heads, and their lives.

Watch my short video explaining several areas professional organizers focus on, or listen to my podcast interview where we dive deeper into the profession and my daily work.

The benefits of organized space

  • no more looking for misplaced stuff
  • faster and easier to clean up
  • relaxing and loving environment
  • hosting visitors without the need to hide your clutter
  • more time for yourself and with your loved ones
  • more efficient and productive living
  • enough space to welcome new things in life
  • sense of self-accomplishment
  • and much more…

Why hiring a pro?

  • have a proper plan and structure to your project
  • it’s faster and more efficient
  • it significantly saves your energy and time
  • have someone to hold you accountable and pull you through till the end
  • receive educated and experienced advice
  • learn about clutter prevention for the future
  • have more objective look at your possessions and your behavior
  • receive honest feedback
  • have someone to check on your energy levels and emotional state
  • share stories and problems with professional who doesn’t judge you
  • makes decluttering fun!
the benefits of hiring a professional organizer

Free video consultation

Book a free consultation with your professional organizer

Let us get to know you and your needs! This video call is

  • free of charge
  • without commitment
  • 30-60min long
  • answers all your questions

The waiting time to start a project is usually up to a month from the call. If you need your project on particular dates, make sure to get in touch sooner rather than later.

If you don’t find a matching date in the calendar, please get in touch, and we will find you an alternative time.

What happens during and after the consultation?

  1. We get to know each other, your reasons for contacting us, and answer all questions you might have about professional organizing or Your SPACE service
  2. We look deeper into your project needs via a virtual walk through the problematic areas to determine the approximate amount of work needed on the project.
  3. We discuss all practicalities connected to your particular project, such as times, finances, and logistics.
  4. You will receive a project proposal email based on our call with a week to accept or decline the offer.