We are professional home organizers based in the area of Amsterdam, and Nord Holland in The Netherlands.

We help our clients reclaim precious space in their homes or businesses, create organizational systems that are time-saving and easy to maintain, and bring harmony to their environment so it energizes and nourishes all members of the household.

To achieve our goal we provide diverse ideas, mental and emotional support, hands-on help, and any research and logistics needed. Our approach is educational so our clients are empowered to keep their space tidy and organized for a long time.

We pride ourselves to approach all our clients with a non-judgemental and compassionate attitude, taking you from wherever you are to wherever you wish to be.

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What we offer

We help You to create & maintain an organized, clutter-free, and welcoming home so You can reduce stress, have more inner peace & win back Your time

The main work of Your SPACE by Lucie is decluttering, organizing, and storage solutions following our proven Your SPACE home organizing process™
Our ‘on-site’ service is conducted in person at the location of your choice.

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Our Goals for You

  • Create an organized, clutter-free, and welcoming home that you are proud of
  • Understand where your clutter came from and know how to prevent it
  • Keep your home tidy and organized for a long time whether you live alone or with others 
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm & gain mental peace and relaxation in your own home
  • Win back the time you spent tidying up and enjoy doing meaningful things

“I just had 4 sessions and the amount of rest in my mind is priceless!”

– Christin from Haarlem

“She really takes the time to get to know you and works with you so the end result is really catered to your needs. We are still amazed at how everything makes so much more sense now.”

– Julie from Amsterdam

“I was stressed, overwhelmed and anxious by the prospect of moving to a smaller house. Lucie (and Christina) helped me sort through our possessions, de-clutter, pack, organize, and create a comfortable and functional home in our new house. Could not have done it witout you.”

– Katja from Amstelveen

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Our team


  • Organizing & Decluttering Coach
  • Founder of Your SPACE by Lucie
  • Creator of Your SPACE Home-Organizing Process™
  • Member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)
  • Background in Somatics and Yoga Therapy
  • Specialty in organizing with neurodiverse, organizing with kids, and providing hands-on storage solutions
  • Featured on ‘Shift With Shubhra‘ podcast
Christina Vyas


  • Organizing & Decluttering coach
  • Trained in Your SPACE Home-Organizing Process™
  • Background in Physical Therapy
  • Naturally talented organizer
  • Specialty in high-aesthetics organizing and product research

Example of Your SPACE project from Haarlem

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Free video consultation

Let us get to know You and Your needs!

Whether you are interested in an in-person project or virtual organizing, all work starts with a free and non-obligatory consultation call. After an in-depth discussion and assessment, you will receive a Project Proposal email, which you can accept or decline.

Book a free consultation with your professional organizer
  • Receive a pre-consultation questionnaire to gain insights into your situation
  • 45min long introductory call with Lucie or Christina
  • In-depth discussion of your needs and your situation
  • Answers all your questions about Your SPACE services
  • Discuss the budget and timings of your project right away

The waiting time between the call and the project start can be up to one month. If you have a tight deadline, get in touch as soon as possible or message me on Whatsapp at +31615098660

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Online Products

Sometimes, you just miss the last puzzle piece to complete your house organization journey…

Find your answers in the knowledge well we have built over the years – that we now constructed into the products below!

Knowing how to get rid of things responsibly and economically is often the biggest block in people’s decluttering journey.

Our CLUTTER DISPOSAL MANUAL has over a dozen pages on recycling, donating, or reselling just about anything in the Netherlands… With a bonus list of services that aid you in living a clutter-free life to start with!

Purchase your lifetime access to this ever-growing document, and let us assist you with your next project!

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We are busy creating Online Programs to provide structured, personal, and impactful help to our audience beyond our serviced areas.

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