In-person Work

The main work of Your SPACE by Lucie is decluttering, organizing, and storage solutions following our proven Your SPACE home organizing process™.

The in-person service consists of project consulting, hands-on decluttering, space and schedule organizing, storage planning and installation, or other activities leading to the desired outcome. The service is conducted in person at the location of your choice and can be further complemented by offsite research and consulting if desired.

The specific examples of onsite projects and the details of the offer are described at the bottom of this page.

Your SPACE Home-Organizing Process™ 
1. Prepare
2. Reclaim space
3. Organize
4. Maintain
rates For IN-person projects

Your SPACE projects are billed per session. The number of sessions is assessed and agreed on during our consultation and further confirmed via a project proposal agreement.

Price per full session (6hrs of work)€ 340
Price per full session with two organizers € 612
Price for 1/2 session (3hrs)€ 180
All prices include VAT (BTW in Dutch) for private persons.
For businesses, there’s an added VAT charge on top of this rate.
rates for adDITIONAL work

Some projects might need more extensive work, such as research, shopping, or virtual consulting. Any of these services are added upon mutual agreement.

Offsite work€ 45/hr
Online consulting€ 45/hr
Overtime rates€ 56/hr

Do you need professional guidance but can’t afford such time and money investment? There are still ways to get you organized!
– Look into the Virtual Organizing services
– Request to have your project reimbursed by the SVB under the PGB scheme
– Request for an unemployment discount during your consultation

What you get with your project:

Free Consultation Call

  • Free 45 min video call to hear your needs and assess your situation
  • An in-depth questionnaire to make you reflect on your situation and your wishes for home-organization

Tailor-made Proposal

  • Tailored project proposal developed for you: based on your needs and wishes, considering your time availability and budget 
  • We offer the possibility to work with one or two organizers at once depending on your needs and how fast you wish to move  
  • Choose between full sessions of 6hrs or half sessions or 3hrs to suit your time frame and energy levels
  • PDF covering how to prepare for a project physically and mentally

On-Site sessions with your organizer

  • In-person hands-on collaboration with your organizer(s) to declutter, organize, and create your ideal home based on your personality & your lifestyle
  • Your organizer provides you with a plan of action, project management, and practicalities so you can fully focus on the task at hand 
  • We will follow Your SPACE home-organizing process™ in full, or only for the steps needed for your specific project 
  • You may receive in-between sessions assignments to learn how to organize and declutter independently and feel greater personal accomplishment

Off-site Storage Solutions & Home Organizing Products*

  • For projects needing new storage solutions, furniture, or a variety of organizing products, we can fully take care of the product research, shopping & orders, following your aesthetical preferences and assigned budget  

Support & Maintenance Strategy after your project

  • We create your custom ‘Home Manual’, so you and your home members can easily maintain all the systems, and enjoy organization for a long time
  • Lifetime access to our ever-growing Disposal & Useful Services manual on Google Drive
  • Free message support throughout the project and one month after finishing providing you with guidance, advice, or accountability so you can accomplish your goals
  • Follow-up e-mail for accountability a month after your project finishing
  • Video consulting* possibility to provide you with regular support and accountability to foster better organizational habits (suitable for clients with chronic disorganization)

*Optional paid add-ons

Specific on-site projects and offers

Residential organizing and decluttering
residential organizing and decluttering

Chaotic kids’ rooms, overflowing attic, messy kitchen, or a whole house disaster. Sounds familiar?

Whether you have too little space, too much stuff, or just a non-functioning system in your home, residential organizing is for you.

We look at your stuff, space, and habits with a fresh pair of eyes. Then we get to work side by side decluttering, organizing, and optimizing your environment to serve both your needs and your lifestyle. We find the most optimal organizing solutions and establish methods to maintain order in your home in the long run. 

With our professional experience and training, we will assist you mentally, physically, and emotionally to ensure, your project reaches its desired goal. 

Spaces with Chronic Disorganization

Common reasons for chronic disorganization are neuro diversities (such as ADHD, ADD, autism, and others) or mental health complications (such as depression, anxiety, hoarding tendencies, and others) that impair parts of executive functioning.

Lucie is educated by the ICD to work with chronically disorganized clients, and assist them in developing organizational systems that are corresponding to their needs and habits.

Our sessions are very similar to residential organizing and decluttering. We work side by side to create simple coherent systems between stuff, space, and habits, although our sessions will be more time considerate, and usually demand fewer homework assignments, more individual support, and longer-term collaboration.

For severe or chronic cases that need financial assistancer, we may apply for financial help via the PGB scheme.

helping ADHD, ADD, autism, EFD organize their home

Relocation Help
Relocation help in Amsterdam

Whether you are in preparation for moving or in a process of settling down in your new house, there tend to be neverending to-dos.

Your SPACE can assist you with a team of two organizers to make sure you breeze through your relocation process.

Anything from downsizing and categorizing stuff before moving, packing, and unpacking boxes, to establishing a proper organizational system in your new destination.

Together, we ensure, that your moving process is complete, and you don’t have to face any more boxes for months to come. 

Decluttering and Staging your House before Sale

Houses that are decluttered and staged have a higher chance of selling easier, faster, and with added value.

It’s important to show buyers the real potential of your house and give them space to envision themselves living there.

In our session, we’ll declutter your house to make it feel lighter and more welcoming for estate photography and showcasing. 

On top of it, you will be ready for your own move, ready to showcase your house without hours of tidying up before every viewing, able to fix and improve your house with more space around for work and enjoy less stress with more sense of control.

Decluttering, Organizing, and staging services in Amsterdam