Professional Organizing

Who are professional organizers?

If you never heard of a “professional organizer”, you’re probably not alone.
Our industry is relatively new, and frankly, we are here to help with first-world problems.
The overabundance of stuff, choices, commitments, and the issue of “not-enough-time-to-do-it-all”.

We recognize the benefits of more simple and conscious living, where we act upon choices instead of impulses.

We help people to let go of stuff that doesn’t serve them, so the things that they love can really stand out and inspire.

We know, that cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind (or vice versa), and are determined to create more space for our clients: in their homes, their heads, and their lives.

Watch my short video explaining several areas professional organizers focus on, or listen to my podcast interview where we dive deeper into the profession and my daily work.

The benefits of organized space

  • no more looking for misplaced stuff
  • faster and easier to clean up
  • relaxing and loving environment
  • hosting visitors without the need to hide your clutter
  • more time for yourself and with your loved ones
  • more efficient and productive living
  • enough space to welcome new things in life
  • sense of self-accomplishment
  • and much more…

Why hiring a pro?

  • have a proper plan and structure to your project
  • it’s faster and more efficient
  • it significantly saves your energy and time
  • have someone to hold you accountable and pull you through till the end
  • receive educated and experienced advice
  • learn about clutter prevention for the future
  • have more objective look at your possessions and your behavior
  • receive honest feedback
  • have someone to check on your energy levels and emotional state
  • share stories and problems with professional who doesn’t judge you
  • makes decluttering fun!
the benefits of hiring a professional organizer