Get your complete guide to responsible decluttering and clutter-free life in the Netherlands!

Are you tired of decluttering your home, only to be left with those decluttered piles of stuff sitting in the corner or hidden behind curtains?

The final step in your decluttering journey should not be a roadblock filled with question marks!

That’s why I’m thrilled to present “The Clutter Disposal Manual”—a comprehensive guide packed with information that will revolutionize the speed at which you dispose of your clutter.

Solving the last piece of your declutterting puzzle with the Clutter Disposal Manual
Clutter Disposal Manual – Your Complete Guide to Responsible Decluttering and Clutter-free Life in the Netherlands

I’m a professional organizer based in Amsterdam, who’s guided over 100 expats and locals towards a more clutter-free life.

Through my work, I discovered that the disposal phase is often the most challenging part. It’s not a matter of lack of time; it’s the lack of knowledge!

After being a walking answer machine, I created The Clutter Disposal Manual – a guide that holds all my answers at the tip of your fingers!

Have you ever wondered how to responsibly recycle something that can’t be reused? Are you unsure if it’s possible to resell your wedding dress?

No matter what item you want to declutter—be it textiles, electronics, chemicals, or your children’s toys—it has the answers you’re seeking. We’ve compiled all the information in the guide to help you tackle your clutter conundrum.

With “The Clutter Disposal Manual” at your disposal, you can confidently declutter any item in your home, knowing exactly where it should go or how it’s to be recycled!

Peek inside the manual and hear what others have to say

woman sitting

I’m decluttering before our 2 months trip. Great resource, thanks a million for this! 🙂

— Marleen, Amsterdam

“Hi Lucie, thanks as always! We’re making a good progress, especially with the electronics.”

— Lisa, Amsterdam