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I’ve been asked to contribute to regarding storage tips for winter gear. Just appeared in the article this week, and excited to share it with you! I love to see that the article is written based on tips not only from professional organizers but also from ski resort owners, gear producers, etc…

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Whether you’re in Hillburn or Portland, winter weather brings fun outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and sledding but what follows is an abundance of wet winter gear that can oftentimes be too much to store. If your winter gear storage is lacking this season take an idea from one of these expert tips to help optimize your winter gear storage.

Don’t underestimate the value of a bonus ski room

Property owners located near ski resorts are at a major advantage when they include a ski room as an amenity. This can be a separate small room dedicated entirely to the storage of ski boots, sports apparel, and other gear, equipped with racks, dryers, and hooks. Another feature could be a stable base for waxing cross-country skis. Where possible, this ski room would have direct access from the garage or the outdoors to keep the wet mess far from the kitchen table! And while we’re at it, there’s no harm done in decorating and bringing in a cozy ambiance with design touches (like retro and vintage equipment!). – Cuddlynest

Take advantage of adjustable shelving

Create shelves in the closet you store your ski gear that fit the height of the ski bag you use so that each person has a separate space for their bag.  Use adjustable shelving so they can be moved with the change of gear and bag sizes.  During an off-season, your individual bags are in place, and with them on shelves, you can optimize the storage from the ceiling down. – Rocky Mountain Resort Management

Incorporate locker space

Storing winter gear usually boils down (pun intended) to two things. Securing the gear and organizing your space! We love lockers as a simple and secure way to store your items without causing too much clutter. Some gear like large jackets and pants don’t fold well and an all-metal locker can be just the trick for hanging these items! – Lockers Unlimited

A great space/time-saving trick for homeowners in winter climates is to dedicate a locker-sized space for winter gear to each family member. Preferably, in the mud/gear room. Organize your locker like this. At the very top is a small cubby where all the headwear and your gloves are kept. This includes items such as a beanie, gator, facemask, gloves, goggles, etc. Mount a hook underneath the cubby to the wall. Hang your snow pants and coat on the hook. Put your snow boots underneath your snow pants. After every adventure put your winter gear back in this way and this will save a huge amount of time, especially for families with young ones. Not only will your gear room be tidy and inviting, but you will also no longer spend 10 minutes looking for a missing boot or glove your kiddos have lost! – Mountain Luxury Lodging

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Don’t sacrifice your ski boots (or feet) in the name of optimization

Never, ever, ever store your ski boots in your garage, attic, or shed. You’re going to want your boots toasty warm, or at least at room temp when you wear them in the winter, so don’t store them someplace that’s unheated. And if you’ve had your boots stretched out to customize them to your feet, the heat in your garage, attic, and shed during the summer can alter the shape of your boots. Regardless of the season, you don’t want a varmint to take up residence in your spendy ski boots. – Ski Idaho

Keep it dry

Upstate New York is home to some of the most loved winter sports.  Storing winter sports gear in upright positions and spaced appropriately in a dry location is highly recommended by winter sports professionals.  Many of our vacation rental homeowners have created custom spaces to store cold-weather items for their guests. Designated areas in a garage or mudroom that includes storage bins, wall racks (monkey bars), shoe racks for sports boots, and hooks specifically designed for winter sports equipment storage.   It’s a great way to optimize and organize your winter gear so that it’s dry and ready for the next day’s adventure. – New York Rental By Owner

Take “dead space” into consideration

Homeowners can maximize storage space for their winter gear by taking advantage of “dead space” in their garages or sheds by installing hooks, racks, and shelves wherever possible. Use vertical and overhead racks to organize and store oversized items, including hockey sticks, snowboards, and skis. Use sturdy plastic bins to store boots, repair kits, and camping gear. Extra shelves are always useful for storing everything from paint, cleaning supplies, tools, and bulk items, including paper towels and toilet paper. – Box & Co

Sell what you don’t use

Most people are tempted to store their kids’ outgrown sports gear because they still have a lot of use left in them. If there are no younger children to “grow into them,” it makes no sense to store them for sale when they are back in season. Don’t wait. Sell now! People looking to buy used equipment don’t want outdated gear; they want the latest technology. If you want to be a successful seller, post your sports gear now while it is still marketable. Go online to craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace; you can also sell your equipment to specialty stores like Play It Again Sports, to a local consignment shop, or at a yard sale. – Transitions Liquidation

Photo credit: CSG Kids Ski Gear
Image credit: CSG Kids Ski Gear

Get creative with your organization

One of the most creative, clever, and inexpensive options I have seen for property owners to organize an entryway for winter gear is with upcycling old paint cans. This option can provide an artistic touch to any entryway. Property owners can drill a gallon or pint-size paint can into a symmetrical pattern along a wall to provide an excellent source of storage for hats and gloves, as well as to hang coats and scarves. – Rendezvous Mountain Rentals

Make use of those big suitcases you have in the attic or the storage room. Instead of letting them sit empty and waiting for their once-a-year big vacation opportunity, they can serve you as great storage for those rarely used items. Especially with our current pandemic situation, let’s give them some purpose and fill them with ice-skates, snow boots, and all the bulky winter clothing. When your big travel moment does come, don’t panic, and simply empty their content into a huge bag to give the stuff a temporary home. – Your Space by Lucie

For smaller pieces of gear like ski or snowboard boots, place a shoe rack in an area that will help them dry out fast. A custom closet in a mudroom or entryway is a handy place to store snow pants and jackets so you can quickly grab the items and go. – Top Villas LLC

Prep your gear for storage

Before I store my snowboard away for the dry high desert months in Colorado, I remove the Bindings and Hardware and clean off the top sheet with soap and water. Then I wax the base, without scraping off the excess wax. Finally, I tune the edges. Nothing worse than reaching for your board when the snow starts falling and finding it in bad shape. – Surf Snow Promo

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